These Bible Love Notes address false philosophies that have infiltrated the Church. The Trojan Horse looked like a gift to the citizens of Troy, but it destroyed them. The only way we can prevent false philosophies from damaging our lives is by knowing God's Word (Colossians 2:8). Some of these devotions have a corresponding Bite Size Bible Study linked to them.
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two hands holding up a sign that says, do you know the leading authority on what damage
God is the "Leading Authority" on What Damages Our Souls
So many authorities make claims they can't prove. But there's one authority who is ALWAYS right!
a woman reading a book with the words bible love notes above her head and an image of
Don't Be Afraid to Be Noble, Even if Others Call You Picky
This 1-minute devotions offers some specific teachers to avoid and some encouragement to carefully check all Bible teachers for accuracy.
a man sitting on the ground reading a book with an inspirational quote above him that says, do you think you can make jesus popular? would you change god's word to do it?
People Aren't Saved by Making the Gospel "Popular"
We need to understand that the true Jesus is never going to be popular and we need to quit changing God's Word to make Him more acceptable.
a sign that says, don't judge bible love notes one of the most misused verses in scripture
Judge Not Scripture Out Of Context
"Judge Not" (Matthew 7:1) is one of the most misused and abused phrases in all of Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains.
a woman sitting at a table with a thought bubble above her head that says, beware when someone claims scripture has been misndersted for centuries?
Beware When Someone Claims Scripture Has Been Misunderstood for Centuries
Beware of this tactic of false teachers: claiming they know more than Bible scholars throughout history.
a stack of sticky notes with the words don't forget this truth
God Doesn't Literally "Forget" Our Sins
This short study addresses misunderstandings about the passages that say God "forgets" our sins.
a woman pointing to her right with the words, when god looks at believing does he see our sins? bite size bible study
When God Looks At You, He Sees You, Sins and All
This short Bible study addresses a common error in Christian thinking.
a man and woman embracing each other with the text bible love notes written on it
An Army Wife's View of Submission
This 1-minute devotion explains an Army wife’s unique perspective on biblical submission.
a bible quote that reads, understand what it means to be a side a christian
Let’s Discuss This New Label: Side A “Christians”
Modern Christians must understand what God's Word says about sin if we are going to remain faithful in our anti-God culture.
a man with glasses is looking at the camera and has his hand on his head
The World Doesn't Have a Clue What Jesus Is Like
Don't listen to the world's version of Jesus. You'll be thoroughly deceived if you do.
A collection of short devotions addressing the biblical view of self-esteem versus the world's view. Short Devotions, Gospel Bible, Jesus Images, World View, Narcissism, Christian Life
Biblical Self-Esteem
A collection of short devotions addressing the biblical view of self-esteem versus the world's view.
a man sitting down with his hands clasped to his face and the words, 5 reasons god does not literally forget for our sin
We Must Define "Forget" Correctly
Many Christians misunderstand and misuse the Scriptures that say God "forgets" our sins. This 1-minute devotion explains.
a woman with her arms crossed and the words, let's out listening to lies and talking on false guilt
Dear Christians, Don't Fall for "Suicide-Propaganda"
Let's not allow people to make false claims against us because we believe God's Word.
a man with pink hair and glasses is looking at something in his hand while wearing a headset
A Well-Known Pastor Changes His View About Women Pastors
Let's look at the Scriptures Rick Warren uses to justify changing his view about female pastors.
a man with long hair and beard wearing a jean jacket is smiling at the camera
Approaching "Christian Entertainment" With Wisdom and Prayer
It's wonderful to have Christian entertainment, but it's never necessary or appropriate for Christian entertainment to contradict Scripture.