Maulidya Bigbanger VII

Maulidya Bigbanger VII

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Maulidya Bigbanger VII
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Very creative! The book. The piano keys. The drink which made me think of the absinthe, and it also looked like an hour glass. The time of youth is running out! For me anyway hahaha<<<cool gif

Bangtan BTS Rap Monster Barcode Design KPOP

I will have this tattooed on me in the future. Then i will go to a department store get the thingy that checks the price for your groceties then scan it on the tattoo then the respond will be, "You are officially going to be Namjoons".

"You hate me because I'm pretty?" "I hate you because you're cocky" "One day you'll appreciate it." or one where Seokjin seems overly confident and it annoys Namjoon namjin//jikook//vhope -completed-

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