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Newborn Gown & Hat Set

Kraft packaging of baby clothes - Designer unknown - Clever way to show its purpose and content at once. Communicates well and looks pleasant.

CLUTCH PROTEIN POWDER® | black matte stand up pouch packaging | #packaging curated by Copious Bags™

Clutch Protein Powder® (Chocolate) Lacto-Vegetarian, Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, Rbst-Free, Lbs

PLASTIC ENVELOPE WITH ZIPPER T-SHIRT PACKAGING. This is probably one of the most protective way to package your tees, unless you have a metal case, then maybe it’s the metal case. This plastic t-shirt packaging keeps your shirts dry and bug-free. Both store owners and customers would surely love that. Plus, just look at how handsome it is!

t-shirt-packaging.jpg pixels - zip idea great for undoing and being able to send back the item if wrong fit etc without damaging the packaging And tag could be put through the zipper so you know when an item has been returned and needs inspection

Black top, close up, neckline,

Belstaff Chanton' sweatshirt is detailed with ribbed panelling – a testament to the label's illustrious motorsport heritage.