Kimono style is most popular Japanese style. The word ‘kimono’ means ‘thing to wear’. Kimono outfits

Fashion Arabic Style Illustration Description Hijab Fashion A longline chequered Kimono with a monochrome effect available in 4 lengths and with loose fitting sleeves the ideal slip on over your casual everyday outfits.aabcollection – Read More –

Neroli Abaya | Aab

Neroli Abaya Beautifully crafted Abaya with detailed embroidery on the placket, cuffs and back. The embroidered buttons are made by hand & showcased on the back & cuffs, an exquisite piece for special occasions.

3. Tradition mens clothing include a dishdasha which is a long white garment and a ghutra, that covers their head and an igal which is like a headband. You can sometimes tell from which region a man is from by which color ghutra they are wearing. In Iraq the ghutra is usually white or red and white.

4) Where do you young Emiratis get their lifestyle examples from ?

INAYAH | Leysa #Kimono + Black Long T#shirt with Slits

Unique range of long & maxi cardigans, modest outwear, capes and blazers made using quality fabrics and unique colours.


Cooper & Gorfer, Portrait of a Turning Girl, 2010