pug aww so cute looks like my pebbles ❤❤

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a pug dog sitting on the floor next to a table
two pug dogs looking at themselves in a mirror with emoticions on it
a pug dog dressed in a costume with a stuffed animal on its back and the caption to catch the squirrel, you must become the squirrel
two pug dogs standing next to each other with the caption, that look you give when someone says they don't like pugs
a pug dog looking at its own reflection in a mirror that says, god i'm cute
a pug dog looking at the camera with an awkward look on its face and caption that says, you yes, you there i don't like you
a pug dog sitting on top of a couch with the caption i got 99 problems and snoring is one
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a pug dog looking up at the camera with caption that reads, i find your attitude repugnant
a small pug dog sitting under a table
a pug dog sitting in front of a tv with the caption, you can't explain me your in my spot
a pug dog sitting in a chair with a birthday cake on it's plate
a small pug dog standing on top of a wooden floor
a pug laying on top of a couch with its eyes closed and the caption you might as well face it