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a black and gold chest with fish painted on it
Chairish | For Chic And Unique Homes
three pieces of furniture that have been painted green and brown with writing on the drawers
Try this on the ugly chest upstairs that holds the fabric pieces | Colorful furniture, Distressed furniture, Refurbished furniture
a plant is growing out of the top of a cabinet with an intricate design on it
a plant is growing on top of a wooden box with an artistic design painted on it
an ornately decorated armoire in the corner of a room next to a window
an ornately painted cabinet in the corner of a room with wooden floors and potted plants
Bohemian Boho - More ideas @...
Bohemian Boho - More ideas @...
a colorful painting on the side of a cabinet in a room with a bed and window
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a painting on the side of a dresser next to potted plants
Frida kahlo dresser
Painted with daydream Apothecary and eye love hue paints