Aliana Tsarnaev Arrested After Allegedly Making a Bomb Threat

Aliana Tsarnaev, sister of the accused Boston Marathon bombers, has been charged with aggravated harassment after allegedly threatening a woman over the phon.

Tragic Accident of Nine Year Old Girl Shot Dead a Gun Instructor with Uzi

Police have released video of the moments before a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot dead a shooting instructor who was teaching her how to use a powerful.

400 Survivors were rescued from the burning ferry in the Adriatic

Rescue teams evacuate more than 400 people from a car ferry that caught fire off Greece's Adriatic coast in a operation on roiling seas, but 10 peopl.

The End of NATO Combat Missions - Tight Security in Kabul

Security is tight on the streets of Kabul ahead of a ceremony to mark the end of NATO combat missions in Afghanistan.

Fire crews battle a house fire in Indiana

Fire crews in in Clay County Indiana responded to a house fire late Saturday (December in the town of Brazil. Fire fighters told local media that an elec.

Burning Italian Ferry Rescue

Authorities race to rescue hundreds of passengers trapped on a burning ferry adrift in Adriatic Sea, where at least one person has died.

Strong Winds Caused Major Damage of Texas Autoshops

Meteorologists in Texas were trying to figure out whether it was strong winds or actually a tornado that caused sever damage to auto repair shops near Houston.

Band Aid Charity for Combat Ebola in West Africa

Boy band One Direction and lead singer Bono join some of the biggest names in British pop and rock music to record a new version of the Band Aid charity s.

New York Governor Declared a State of Emergency of Deadly Snowstorm

Western New York braces for a fresh wave of heavy snow after already accumulating 5 feet meters) in parts of the region. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo .

Islamic State fighters creep towards the Syrian border town of Kobani

Turkey says this strategic town just across its border is about to fall to the militants. At least 400 people have been confirmed killed in the three-week lo.

Ukraine Conflict : The Truce Will be Over Soon

A pro – Russian separatist battalion commander predicts the ceasefire will be over soon and war will start again. The war has killed more than people o.

Farm Aid Concert in North Carolina : It’s not a Celebration, It’s a Mission

The annual benefit concert “Farm Aid” in North Carolina brings its massage and music as a mission to help small farmers in America.

Shiite Militias Take The Fight to Islamic State Militants Near Tikrit

Shiite Militias Take The Fight to Islamic State Militants Near Tikrit 2014

Harbormasters Rescued The Two Kayakers After Shark Attacking

Two women escaped unhurt after a great white shark attacked their kayak on Wednesday, knocking them into the water. Harbormasters rescued the two kayakers of.

The Bodies of Five Children Found Dead into Garbage Bags in Alabama

The bodies of five children aged two and eight were found stuffed into garbage bags near a logging road in Alabama after the father confessed killing them.

U.S. Humanitarian Aid to Iraqi Town

delivers humanitarian aid to the Iraqi Shi'ite town of Amerli where Islamic State militants have trapped the civilian population.