I miss Makkah ❤

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Makkah - ultimate destination.

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Makkah <3

The pilgrimage site for millions of the world's Muslims, the Mecca or Makkah in Saudi Arabia is on this list too.

Makkah Hotel Clock Tower

The Royal Mecca Clock - Saudi Arabia: Overlooking the Grand Mosque, the new clock is reportedly the world's largest and is set to challenge the supremacy of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


This is a hotel in Mecca Saudi Arabia for Muslims on the obligatory pilgrimage next to one of the worlds largest Mosques. To put in perspective, the clock tower in the middle is about twice as tall as the Chrysler Building.

Makkah construction 2013/1434 AH

Makkah construction AH

Makkah construction 2013/1434 AH

Makkah construction AH