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30 Beautiful Pictures of Animals Macro Photography

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It's so easy to edit photos with these Film Inspired one-click Lightroom and ACR presets. Film effect presets. | | Lightroom Editing Tutorials

VRZ 2 is a track bike frame with 3d printed titanium lugs, glued together with carbon fiber tubes. The final bike weighs less than 5 kg.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Training and Fitness Articles on Singletracks.

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Learn how to edit landscape photos in this Lightroom tutorial. Lightroom 6 and CC is great for Amazing landscape edit. Lightroom editing is fun and a great p...

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DSLR Tips ~ How to Clean Your Camera Like a Pro

Delete tourists from your travel photos 1: Set your camera on a tripod. 2: Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have about 15 shots 3: Open all the images in Photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Statistics. Choose “median” and select the files you took. 4: Bam! Photoshop finds what is different in the photos and simply removes it! Since the people moved around, it fills the area where someone was standing with part of another photo where no one was there.

Underwater photography of scuba divers, coral, or wildlife can sometimes seem commonplace regardless of the remote destination or subject, but Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro (previously here and here) bucks the trend with his desaturated, dark, and often brooding images tak

I'm really enjoying the street photography of Swedish photographer Nils-Erik Larson, who shoots primarily in black and white and has a wonderful knack for being in the right place at the right time. See much more of his work over on DeviantART.

French photographer Benoit Courti worked for years as a music composer before shifting his career toward professional portrait and art photography in 2010. His images fall everywhere on the spectrum from dark and brooding portraits to light, atmospheric shots of animals. You can fo