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a collage of photos showing the different types of margaritas and cocktails in glasses
The Perfect Margarita
Margarita, Adult Beverage, Recipe, Cocktail, Margarita Recipe, Tres Agave Nectar, Opal Ice Machine
Cocktails. Margarita Recipe. Margaritaville. Yum. Adult Beverage. 5 pm Lime Squeezer, Sour Mix, Margarita Recipe, Agave Nectar, Moscato, Agaves, Margarita Recipes, Metal Straws, Taste Buds
This margarita recipe is so top notch and freshly squeezed, that I cannot enjoy a margarita in a reataurant anymore. This is a MUST try.
a brown dog sitting on top of a stone bench
21 Times Rhodesian Ridgebacks Proved They're The Most Photogenic Breed Ever
Rhodesian Ridgeback
the best starbucks drink ever is served in a plastic cup with a straw on top
The BEST Drink At Starbucks!!!!
THE BEST STARBUCKS DRINK EVER! Low Calorie. NO Sugar. Low Fat. Recipe for a dieting coffee lover.
Vitamix...makes THE best protein shakes & smoothies! I love my vitamix blender. Pottery Barn, Vitamix Blender, Blender Reviews, Vitamix, Blender, Shake Recipes, Smoothie Shakes, Protein Shake Smoothie
Housewares + Kitchenware Store
Vitamix...makes THE best protein shakes & smoothies! I love my vitamix blender.
a young boy standing in front of a fire hydrant with his mouth wide open
The Truffle Shuffle
The Goonies! An all time favorite movie of mine. Chunk is the best character.
a black and white husky dog sitting in the snow with his leash tied to it's neck
Black and tan shiba inu.png
Black and Tan Shiba Inu. BEST breed of DOGS ever!!!! Miss You NINJA
a cartoon drawing of a man looking through a telescope at another person in the water
Hey..... so do I!!!! By far ONE of my favorite past times... PEOPLE WATCHING.
a starbucks drink sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with a green straw
A warm sunny day, on the beach, with a Starbucks, who could ask for anything more? Just add my hubby and my iphone and I'd call it earthly Heaven!
a bottle of fabuloso purple liquid on a white background with yellow cap
SO FABULOUS to clean with... love the clean cotton, lavender, and apple scent the MOST.
the book cover for shepherding a child's heart, with two hands holding each other
Page not found - Vision Forum
Proverbs 22:6
i love blogging and writing on lined paper
25 Ways for how to Drive Traffic to your Blog
I can't get enough. Digital scrapbook, lifetime of memories, sharing, and documenting. LOVE IT!
a handwritten quote that says, i just are you
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To a godly man who is the greatest team player, provider, dedicated, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, involved, amazing follower of Christ and great spiritual leader.
Say hello to the greatest nail polish invention for people who abuse their hands/nails. Shellac, Manicures, Cnd Shellac Colors, Cnd Shellac, Shellac Colors, Shellac Nail Polish, Shellac Manicure, New Nail Colors, Nail Colors
Say hello to the greatest nail polish invention for people who abuse their hands/nails.
an old black and white photo with words on it that say, my friends remind me by
Love MY "Sensational 6"
a camera with the lens attached to it's body
Cannon Rebel... What did I ever do without it?
an apple logo on a blue background
Anything Apple (ipod, ipad, imac...). LOVE IT!
a cross with the words stay focused on jesus written in white and purple colors, against a black background
God Works in Mysterious Ways
Christ, the only answer.
a bottle of saniti & co wallflowers eucalyptus citrus mint face mist on a white background
Body Care & Home Fragrances You'll Love
My favorite scent at Bath and Body Works!