Alhamdulillah More

Say Alhamdulilah for the things that you have in your life many people in this Dunya dont have the things that you have in your life !

There is no might or power except with Allah.

Allah is arabic for The God. God is one and the same, known by the best names, and closer to us than our own jugular vein.

Begin Everything with #BISMILLAH

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If we can trust people we shall infinitely trust in Allah SWT. If we can plan something big Allah SWT abosolutely plan everything.


Allah will make a way when there seems to be no way.Put your trust in Allah.Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.

When there is no way, Allah the Almighty will make a way. ❤

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20 Muhammad Calligraphy. by Muhammad ElMahdy, via Behance

Minimalist Modern Islamic Art: Muhammad Calligraphy by Muhammad ElMahdy, via Behance.