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bonny rambingan
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Masking Tape Canvas

Its a DIY project with just canvas,masking tape paint: tried it. A lot harder than it looks. paint bleeds really bad even with good tape. I ended up just using orange tape on white canvas and white tape on orange canvas (spray painted) looks great!

Glue rope to your used coffee cans.

Glue rope to your used coffee cans! Cheap organizing and chic, too! could use old formula cans too. Save those formula cans and we will give it a whirl! Doin this with hemp.

masking tape painting tutorial

Tape painting: Here is how: a big canvas sprayed metallic gold layers), add a pattern using masking tape, paint the shapes using different color paint, & gently remove the tape

homemade house numbers

A Number of Nails Can't find the perfect modern house numbers? Buy a box of nails! Just that easy. credit 0 Posted by Dina at AM Labels: Decor, Interior Design