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a poster with the words pet tarot spread written in black and white on it
Ideas, Halloween, Crafts, Pagan, Wicca Recipes, Witch Quotes, Moon
a purple sign with the words witch up on it and some candles in front of it
some type of font and numbers on a sheet of paper with the words written in different languages
Viking Runes: Understanding the History and Symbolism Behind the Runic Alphabet
a table with the names and abbreviations for different types of items in each language
Herb use chart 🌿
a poster with numbers and symbols for the letter s in blue, black and white
a poster with the names and symbols for some type of language, including an image of a
an open notebook with writing on it and numbers written in purple ink, sitting on top of a table
a list with the words in different languages
an image of symbols and their meanings
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a table with some writing on it and numbers in the top right hand corner that says birdruncs
an image of some type of symbols in the sky with words above it and below them
the words travel jewelry are written in white and blue, with images of letters on them
What are Runes and why you should travel with them
The sacred marks of the runic alphabet are one of the earliest forms of writing and were used as carved protective symbols that bring luck and protection to those who carried them. In this post you are going to learn what runes are, their history, meaning and why you should travel with them. #travelblog #travel #jewellery #runes #vikings #magic