DAYAK.... by on @deviantART

one of thouands INDONESIAN folks. *original pose from ilustration of blade comics DAYAK.

Iban Warrior by on @deviantART

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Nenek Dayak @Kreavi

nenek dayak by jaricanggih

Nenek Dayak @Kreavi

"Bahau Dayak Dancer" by widjana/deviantart

"Bahau Dayak Dancer" by widjana/deviantart

blessings from sarawak by on @deviantART

blessings from sarawak

Gawai by on @deviantART

Gawai is a celebration among the natives of Sarawak after the harvesting season. This is the part where they dance and play musical instruments in tradi.

I Love Sarawak by on @deviantART

I Love Sarawak by on @deviantART

"Dayak 02" by widjana / Deviantart - with "Chief of Dayak"

"Dayak by widjana / Deviantart - with "Chief of Dayak"

"Sea Dayak Warrior" by Benjamin Jimmie Jemut

"Sea Dayak Warrior" by Benjamin Jimmie Jemut

Little Girl by on @deviantART

I drew this from a photo I took of a little girl(a stranger), who sits in front of me at the Sarawak Cultural Village. We were watching the Rainforest M.

Puteri Santubong dan Sejinjang by on @deviantART

Sarawak's most popular myths and legends. The two princesses, Santubong and Sejinjang. The legend is about two beautiful princesses, Santubong and S.

it'sCULTUREdude by on @deviantART

Acrylic on Gesso- "Don't judge if you have not walked my path"

gawai festival by on @deviantART

this is the ngajat dance that perform by the iban's tribe of sarawakian most biggest ethnic.the festival celebrated 1 and 2 June every year to expre.