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maiko 舞妓 Gion Higashi 祇園東 Tomitsuyu 富津愈 KYOTO JAPAN Geishas, Tumblr, Nagasaki, Kimonos, All About Japan, Japan Image, Kimono Japan, Turning Japanese, Japanese Geisha
おおきに by gaap (ID:5895590)- 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO
maiko 舞妓 Gion Higashi 祇園東 Tomitsuyu 富津愈 KYOTO JAPAN
three large metal bells sitting next to each other
Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
a large body of water surrounded by trees and a mountain with snow on the top
富士箱根の旅17 by ハリー11 (ID:1307640)- 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO
Mount Fuji and Lake Ashinoko, Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
a geisha woman in traditional japanese dress
今年のGWは - ある日の一コマ
a woman in a kimono holding an umbrella with her hair pulled back and eyes closed
忘れる事なんて出来るものか by gaap (ID:5574505)- 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO
maiko 舞妓 mamefujiまめ藤 祇園甲部 KYOTO JAPAN
lanterns hanging from the side of an orange building over water with mountains in the background
Itsukushima-jinja by Helge Mahrt / 500px
Itsukushima-jinja temple on Miyajima in Japan.
a bridge that is over some water with a building in the background and people walking on it
Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan
fireworks are lit up in the night sky over a city
Phoenix Fireworks - Hiroshima, Japan
a geisha woman with red lips and an orange ribbon in her mouth is standing under a white umbrella
Geiko-san & Maiko-san
Jidai Matsuri 2012 - Geiko Miharu, Gion Higashi (by MASA PHOTOS)
a geisha doll wearing a purple headband with flowers on it's hair
The Kimono Gallery
Maiko dressed for Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan
an aerial view of a soccer field in the middle of a city with tall buildings
Download Wallpaper 1080x1920 Tokyo, House, Football, Metropolis, Field, People, Roofs, Crowds, Japan, Road, Hdr Sony Xperia Z1, ZL, Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One HD Background
tokyo, house, football, metropolis, field, people, roofs, crowds, japan, road, hdr
a woman in a kimono eating food with chopsticks
10 Golden Rules For Japanese Chopstick Manners
10 Golden Rules For Japanese Chopstick Manners. Going to have to practice this before I visit Japan.
two boats floating on top of a river next to trees with pink flowers in bloom
Kyoto, Japan: photo by mptfk
two people are walking up some steps
we will meet soon
Gingaku-Ji by adamlapish
an old photo of a woman holding two baseball bats and wearing a hat with the word japan on it
Samurai carrying kendo equipment.