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Cucurumbé by Ceci Peralta - Typography inspired in latin and cuban culture, I wanted it to have a playful and feeling to it because I was inspired by a song I used to love during my childhood: Negrita Cucurumbé by Cri Cri. Cucurumbé includes all alphabet

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2017 Logo Design Trends - in simplicity continues to rule when it comes to logo designs. Some of the most common trends seen this year: Minimalism - The catchiest logo designs

11 Steps To Creating The Perfect Business #Logo

7 Professional Logo Design Tips For Business Owners - Did you know that if your logo is not enticing enough then you could be losing customers. Here are 7 logo design tips to help you design the perfect logo.

How Color Defines a Brand

How colour Defines A Brand: Infographic which explores the different colours used by the worlds biggest brands and the subconscious association colours can have on customers.