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an image of a pie on a cutting board with nuts and other food items around it
Mushroom & Walnut Tart (Gluten Free)
1h 20m
a mushroom quiche with one slice missing from it on a wooden table surrounded by mushrooms and other ingredients
Mushroom Leek Quiche | Vegan Tart
Mushroom Leek Quiche | Vegan Tart
a loaf of stuffed cashew nut roast on a blue and white plate with the words, veggie show - stopper
Stuffed Cashew Nut Roast
A celebratory, show-stopping vegetarian nut roulade, with cashew and hazel nuts. Full of flavour and colour. Delicious as a hot 'roast' and also served cold with chutney.
some food that is in a pot on a table
Vegan Cabbage Rolls (Mushrooms, Lentils)
Vegan Mushroom Cabbage Rolls with Lentil Rice
baked sweet potatoes with raisins and other toppings
Stuffed Butternut Squash (GF)
Filled with all the flavours of the festive season, this Holiday Stuffed Squash recipe is a completely delicious but lighter twist on a festive roast. Roasted butternut squash rounds filled with a lightly spiced chestnut, quinoa and lentil stuffing scattered with dried cherries. This main is vegan, gluten-free and so wonderful | | #holidayrecipes #main #veganholidayrecipes
a large piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a knife
Vegan Wellington - Lazy Cat Kitchen
Vegan Wellington
1h 30m
a dish filled with lots of different types of food on top of a white plate
Vegan Spiral Vegetable Tart - The Colorful Kitchen
1h 15m
brown sugar glazed tofu is cut into slices and placed on a cutting board with text overlay
Brown Sugar Glazed Tofu - Plant Based RD
The ultimate vegan main for your vegan Thanksgiving or Christmas table. This brown sugar glazed tofu is sweet and smoky and super easy to make! Beautiful crusted tofu with a delicious brown sugar and mustard glaze. Learn how to perfectly marinate your tofu!