loving from a distance is hard.loving something you can't have is harder.but most importantly.falling in love regardless of the circumstances is worth every minute of it.

and I thank him for showing me he doesn't deserve me..so much happier now

Guys and Although both of you hurting me will always hurt, thank you for teaching me that i deserve better and that there is a better guy out there somewhere for me

Moving on.

Please keep your Negativity and selfishness, ungrateful, insecure, jealousy, envious cold heart away from those who are empathetic!

This is my official introduction to you mah dear Mate and Friend Hope you enjoy it

(Sigh) Yes. To be the one you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to.

rebelbeattt: I want to be the one… you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to. // Lang Leav EER: and that's what happened.

One man can change his stars.

Amazing words for an extraordinary life. Think it feel it relish in it every little aspect


Baby, I love you just as you are. You are perfect for me. I wouldn't change a thing about you. Please trust me and realize that you love me. Please accept my love for you too. I will make you so happy.