Hollywood actors as DOTA characters

Which Hollywood actors would fill Dota 2’s cast? (image)

DotA 2 Helden Angelina Jolie Robert Downey Emma Stone Megan Fox Bruce Willis Jet Li Olivia Wilde Jessica Alba Ian McKellen Mila Jovovich Eminem Queen of Pain Windrunner Anti-Mage Kunkka Princess of the Moon Death Prophet Drow Ranger Crystal Maiden Invoker

Grumpy ES by spidercandy.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Grumpy ES by spidercandy

DotA 2 - Christmas - I brought the presents

DotA 2 - Christmas - I brought the presents

Fan Art Gallery by Dota Illustrator Kunkka

Vaeski Magic Spell Mask Dota 2 concept art is like magic candy for the eyes.

When he bought wards

Alternate ending: HERE (I honestly had trouble picking which I liked better lol.

Prank on Skeleton King.

"A fearless skeleton!