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a series of photoshopped images showing the different angles of people's faces
3D Pinup Tutorial, part 7 by JKLind on DeviantArt
I posted an image a while back that shows some of the shading passes that make up an image, but didn't explain how they're used. Hopefully this one will clear it up a bit. Until recently, I'd been ...
an image of different types of long, slender arms and legs that are labeled in the text below
Hec's 2012 early 2013 works dump
Wow! This really explains different maps without any real description! Visuals are always great.
an info sheet shows the different types of human body parts and their functions in this image
Bloodsport Beatdown - Sasha, DocZenith.
ArtStation - Bloodsport Beatdown - Sasha, Dr Zenith
some different types of hair are shown in this graphic art workflowe, including the head
Ouran sketchbook
Ouran sketchbook - Page 7
an image of some kind of object that is in the process of being rendered by hand
an animation character with different hair styles and colors
Ouran sketchbook
Ouran sketchbook - Page 8
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and their features in this image
Allison + Tutorial, Hector Moran (HEC)
ArtStation - Allison + Tutorial, Hector Moran (HEC)
an image of two different faces and hair
two screens showing different angles of an object in the process of being manipulated to look like something
담아간 이미지 もっと見る
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and their features in each section
Making of Kingdom Death Minis - zbrushtuts
four different styles of hair are shown in this screenshote image from the video game
an animation character's hair styles for different ages and abilities, including the ponytails
Polygon Hair Breakdown.
One of my new year resolution for myself that I started a little bit earlier is just to take my 3D work a lot more seriously than I have before, this means doing a lot more work outside of SL for visual effects. So pardon the random art posting which isn’t exactly SL related. Flickr is pretty much my art dumping ground so… eh… sowwie~ But yeah! This is a progress of a piece I’m currently working on and I’ll be updating my Artstation blog with the progress if you’re interested in looking, fe...
an image of a woman in pink and white dress with her arms behind her head
Ошибка 429
Light tut
an image of some type of art that is being used to create something with ink
How to draw LIGHTNING and ELECTRICITY EFFECTS by EtheringtonBrothers on DeviantArt
See above for today's tutorial, which looks at how to THINK When you draw LIGHTNING and ELECTRICITY, great for electrical effects and general zapping I recommend you use this tutorial in conjunctio...
the different hair styles are shown in this drawing style chart, with instructions for how to draw
Simple to Complex rendering Guide .Promo. by sakimichan on DeviantArt
Simple to Complex rendering Guide .Promo. by sakimichan