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♥ Naruto, Madara & Obito - Can we just appreciate that Madara insults them and then Obito basically has to translate what he just said and insults them more. These two create a new form of sass. Watch your favorite anime series online

I love Kakashi's smile when waiting for Naruto! (Even though you can't see it)

This is so cute but so I'm not crying! I just have some sand in my eyes. << and HOW did you get sand in your eyes? (I seriously almost typed 'HOW did you get eyes in your sand?

"My dad died...along with my mom, trying to protect Konoha...trying to protect me! It only lasted a moment. But in that moment, they gave me something. They gave me the belief that I am capable of lots and lots of things! And they entrusted me to be the savior of the world!" #naruto

"My dad died.along with my mom, trying to protect Konoha. It only lasted a moment.

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Naruto's Next generation: the second verse is the same as the first, but a little bit gentler and the roles are reversed<<<right on the dot kakashi