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Muhammad Ilham

Muhammad Ilham
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The Magnus Effect

Funny pictures about The Magnus Effect. Oh, and cool pics about The Magnus Effect. Also, The Magnus Effect photos.

Two things. One, who would make this? Do you know how dangerous it is? And two, why am I repinning it?

I totally want to kill someone with playing cards! Wow, I think I need a shrink or something.<<<I've killed a man with playing cards once.

Keyboard shortscuts ae

Shortcuts: "abbreviated substitutes for argument that avoid the hard work necessary to provide facts expert opinion and analysis of warrants most common uses of shortcuts are clichés in slogans" pg.

Last-Minute Babyproofing Ideas For Hosts

This is also just How To Babyproof Your House When You're Broke Or Cheap

Level 99 Lumberjack | Twitter | Know Your Meme

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