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a yellow basket sitting on top of a lush green field
Consumo consciente e ideias para seu jardim - Vila do Artesão
colorful garden art on the side of a house
Hosing Around
a large orange hose sitting on top of a wooden floor
1 Old Garden Hose and 201 Zip Ties • Recyclart
an old fashioned wooden cabinet with green shutters
Trash to Treasure: Re-Imagining Your Waste {Garden Hoses}
colorful hoses are spewing out from the fountain
Bertrand Lavier: Fountain 2014 - Serpentine Galleries
a colorful fountain spewing out water into the air with trees in the background
Artist Bertrand Lavier Creates a Delightful Sculptural Fountain Made of an Unruly Bundle of Garden Hoses
a potted plant in the middle of a garden filled with flowers and birds hanging from it's branches
Year-round focal points from humble materials, Day 2 - FineGardening