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1865 Ketut Djelantik with The Princess Gusti Ajoe Putu on his arm. You can see the King's foot rests firmly on the girl holding the umbrella. This is to signify he is above her and in control of her. In Indonesian culture the feet are considered unclean and one should never point with the foot, step over someone or touch someone with their foot. Here the King makes a clear statement that this is my daughter, The Princess, elevated on a stool and even with The King and below us are our…
Indonesia, Sumatra ~ File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Portret van een jonge Karo Batak vrouw TMnr 60026958.jpg
Indonesia | A young Gayo bridegroom , North Sumatra. Photo taken before 1939
An Iban tribesmember performing a traditional dance in Sarawak, Malaysia
old-indische: Nias Warrior
Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world. The indegenous tribes are called Dayaks. There are over 250 tribes of Dayaks in Borneo.
Sabre, Nord de l'Île de Nias, Indonésie | lot | Sotheby's
old-indische: Nias Warrior
Borneo | Ukits of the Rejang tattoo extensively. A bold hook pattern covers the chest, and a pattern known as the lizard adorns the sides of the shoulders. They wear brass earrings. | Image from the 1922 publication “Peoples of All Nations” Chalres Hose, Author
Batak shaman