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a ceramic busturine with stars and moon decorations on it's head, in front of a gray background
Nicole Merkens's Sculpture — NicoleMerkens.com
a sculpture of a woman with a fish on her head, sitting in front of a white background
The blue mermaid/Ceramic Sculptures/Unique Ceramic Figurine/Centaur / Unique home decor
The blue mermaid/Ceramic Sculptures/Unique Ceramic Figurine/Centaur / Unique home decor by arekszwed on Etsy
a ceramic figurine holding a bird on it's arm and wearing a crown
Self Study
ceramic sculpture by sara swink
a clay head mounted on a brick wall
Anne-Sophie Gilloen
a ceramic figurine wearing a hat and dress
many different images of the same person's face and head, including one being painted
Clay Bust Project
Clay Bust Project
two wedding rings are placed on a decorative plate next to some other decorations and beads
Using Ceramic Plates as Wall Decorations
A ring dish that smiles back.
a set of blue dishes and cups with the moon on them
Tableware, Jewelry and Wall Hangings, by Jasmin... |
a hand holding a blue and white coffee cup with floral designs on the outside, in front of a gray background
Blue Flower Handmade Pottery Mug
a hand holding a small planter with a cat in it's head and eyes
mein Herz so schwer wie ein Planet
littlealienproducts:Cat Pot Plant small // $45
an ornament with blue and white flowers hanging from it's side on a gray surface
Madalina Andronic Ceramics
· MURA · / SOLDsmall porcelain fairy decorated with underglaze colors / aprox. 20cm height /one-of-a-kind piece made by hand with love, therefore any imperfection it may present adds to its uniqueness40€ / delivery only in EU + additional shipping fees
three pink and white dishes sitting on top of a table
exercice de style 2