tongue twisters

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tongue twisters

Challenge your students with these tongue twisters!!! Have tons of fun! - ESL worksheets

40 Free Lunch Box Jokes Guaranteed to Make Your Kids Giggle | Cuddles & Chaos

Free printable with 40 lunch box jokes (plus a blank page for special notes!) to help you get ready for back to school madness.

Interview Questions for Grandparents

Interview Questions for Grandparents

Trabalenguas | 12 Tongue Twister Posters in Spanish | Class Decor

Are you looking for a fun, eye-catching way to decorate a wall or bulletin board that's still educational? Then these fun tongue-twister posters are exactly what you're looking for! You can use these 12 tongue twister posters in Spanish to decorate your classroom or bulletin board in a fun, colorful...

Tongue Twister for Fun - ESL worksheet by rtwosqu

A bit of a reading game. I had a lot of fun playing with my students with this. Ss form groups in queues and try to read these tongue twisters without hesitating on a word. When they accomplish perfect reading they go to the back of the queue and the next person in line has a go. The group whose first person in the line is back again to his original position wins. Use a tongue twister per game. You can invent your own game with tongue twisters. Good luck

100+ Funny Tongue Twisters | Fun for Families and Kids

"How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?" Moms, try out these tongue twisters! They're guaranteed to make your kids laugh and encourage family fun.

Counting backward from 10. Halloween Craftivity. Zoom, Zoom, Broom.

Practice counting backward from 10 with this fun craftivity. Based on a Halloween version of the familiar song Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (We are going to the moon) students will be creating their own spooky Halloween countdown. Included:Zoom, Zoom, Broom Poem: A Halloween version of the familiar song Zoom...

Funny Tongue Twister in English for Kids

Funny Tongue Twisters in English for Kids. Beautiful downloadable Tongue Twisters Pdf and cards. Understand how Tongue Twisters help in Child Development.

tongue twisters - ESL worksheet by cecio_13

Challenge your students with these tongue twisters!!! Hope you have lot of fun like I did with my students!!!

Tongue Twisters: 65 Popular Tongue Twister to Improve Pronunciation - English Study Online | English

Tongue Twisters in English! Learn over 60 useful and hardest tongue twisters to pronounce in English with ESL pictures.

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English Tongue Twister Fun!

Welcome to my latest blog post! The #pronunciation of the English 'th' sound is particularly problematic for Italians. For example, if the English word 'three' [Italian: tre] is not pronounced correctly then listeners may, instead, understand the word 'tree' [Italian: albero] or even 'free' [Italian: libero]. Potential