A Kris, Bali, ca 19th century.

Veda is in possession of an ancient Weapon that was forged to eviserate a wolf in a single cut, Jax found it originally and entrusted it to her to hide it in case she ever had to use it on him

KERIS Nagasasra luk 13 koleksi Museum Etnologi Nasional Leiden. Dikutip dari buku Isaac Groneman "The Javanese Kris" terbitan C Zwartenkot Art Books, Leiden and KITLV Press, Leiden... Panjang 50 cm, PakBo

The Kris or Keris is an asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron and nickelous iron (pamor).

Keris (24)

This is a Keris. It is Indonesian knife and it used to be worn by the sultan. It is that a ghost lives in the knife so the knife always comes back to the owner. It symbolises authority and dignity.


Do Indonesian Kris Knives hide a secret? That is what many westerners want to know after seeing Indonesian Kris Knives dance right before their own eyes.

Four "keris" hilts - Indonesia - Java

Four "keris" hilts - Indonesia - Java

Keris, Royal Sacred Weapon

Keris of several generations of Pakubowono (rulers of Surakarta).

Keris Bugis

Keris Bugis

Keris Luk 3 Patrem Jangkung

Kris Patrem Jangkung from Java-Indonesia estimated in century.

Indonesian Keris

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Indonesian Kris

Terapang a traditonal weapons from Lampung, Indonesia

keris penjang Sumatra, executioners sword

Very Good Keris Penjang (Execution) Sword, Sumatra