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Struck Dozers

Note: This article is by no means the “definitive” article on Struck dozers. The information contained in the article has been gleaned from brochures, web articles and price lists. S…

Scorpion Three Wheeled Go Kart Plans

Scorpion Three Wheeled Go Kart Plans

The Scorpion is our killer three wheeled go kart design. It’s got a huge mono rear wheel with suspension that makes it a donut machine! It’s a sister go kart to the four wheeled Tarantula, with an interchangeable sub-frame. These go kart plans and blueprints will help you create the ultimate three wheeled kart in no time! Features The Scorpion is, let’s be honest, an absolute blast to drive. The mono-rear wheel really helps when you want to do spinouts. It’s a donut machine! And let’s face…

A collection of the best brass knuckles you will ever see.

A collection of the best brass knuckles you will ever see.

It's not really a motorcycle, but I'd ride it.

Military Motorcycles, Part 4: Andy Keel's Motocrossboard as a Possible Alternative? - Core77

For reasons we can only guess at, the U.S. military has sharply drawn down their use of motorcycles. Might there be an alternative? Georgia-based inventor Andy Keel thinks so.Way back in the '90s Keel was looking to create an off-road vehicle for his own use, and he wanted to combine...

Knuckle duster project out of 12 mm aluminium plate.

Knuckle duster project out of 12 mm aluminium plate.

Sinza Black Micarta

SinSkull - New Skull Knuckle Duster Design by SINZA

Here's a new knuckle duster....the SinSkull Black Micarta skull knuckle duster made by Sinza on 5-8-2010. Skull knuckle duster design trademark, copy written,

Bottle opener/brass knuckles

Bottle Opener Ring | Cool Material

It’s a well documented fact on Cool Material that – much like boobs – adding a bottle opener to anything instantly makes it better. Rings and weapons are no different. A ring that happens to…


GOOTRADES Screwdriver Bottle Survival Camping

Tactical Key Ring - Click this image for a larger view.


Sorry, This Product is Discontinued

The product you are looking for out stock, Don't worry we having 1000's of streetwear styles to choice from!

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Jerking the Trigger

Tactical gear news and reviews

Image of Hex Tool

Hex Tool (Patent Pending)

Brass knuckles for the 21st century! Thanks to TKM's ergonomic design, no matter which way you grab and hold our trademarked paperweight, you're holding it correctly. The Hex Tool is light and armored with Cerakote (the same rust-resistant, nano-tech coating used on firearms) so it's extremely durable. Available in 4 distinct colors: Armor Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and Burnt Bronze. The Hex Tool is perfect for jogging, walking to your car, or any time you need some extra muscle…