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Chanel at Couture Spring 2016 - Livingly

Chanel at Couture Spring 2016

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I don't know what language this is, but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out from the pictures!

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Chanel Couture Spring 2016

If we were in a runway show together, as a friend, I'd say "Just don't look in the mirror & Rock It like a badass." { D Chanel Couture Spring 2016

Crochet Bolero adorned with Pearls | 8 Trends


Elegant crochet bolero decorated with beads, for a special occasion. Done at point solomon, this work in crochet is beautiful and chic. Learn how to make the point of this bolero through images a

Retrouvez les photos du défilé Chanel Haute couture Printemps-été 2016, les meilleurs moments en vidéo, ainsi que les coulisses et les détails du show

Défilé Chanel Printemps-été 2016 Couture