Budi Setiawan

Budi Setiawan

Jakarta Barat / PT Bumen Redja Abadi
Budi Setiawan
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2016 BMW M8 Supercar. Build it and they will come

Go ahead and get the Ford Mustang - I think I'll hang with this instead. BMW's supercar coming 2016 I had an opportunity to drive a BMW street car on a race track and out all the cars I drove that day it handled like a race car.

2015 Yamaha R1 To Produce 200 BHP Of Power | Fly-Wheel

Next gen 2015 Yamaha YZF will be a beast!


The fourth generation 6 Series is rumored to launch in seven years after the introduction of the Convertible and Coupe models.

Field Notes wallet.

hollowsleather: For my final project of the year I decided to make myself a new wallet. It’s a Field Notes Cover modified to have some extra storage and card slots. I’m pretty excited about this design. Field testing starts right now.