Budiman Abdurrahman

Budiman Abdurrahman

Budiman Abdurrahman
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Rain In Drought

Rain In Drought

I don't Know

Walter De La Mare – a creative writer both in prose and verse

the Journey of My love

(Image) Quote by Elvis Presley > Love me tender, Love me sweet, Never let me go. You have made my life complete, And I love you so.

Ebola, Virus Deadly Origin Africa

Why isn't there a treatment or vaccine for Ebola? "For one thing, the Ebola virus is hard to work with. The virus doesn't grow well in petri dishes and experiments can only be done in the relatively few labs with the highest security measures…"

Eye Movement Indicator Someone Not Lie Or Not

What Is Disrespectful to Husband in Marriage? April Cassidy, The Peaceful Wife I am at fault for all of these, even BEFORE marriage which is supposed to be the time of fuzzy romance. What a terrible person.

Risk Treating Children As Friend

Signature Mom Lauren shares her three helpful tips to disciplining your child as a team with your husband.