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Penerbit buku hukum,parenting,self help,fiksi detektif-kriminal-thriller

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One of our reader with his collections, cranky!

Auguste Dupin Indonesian edition. Curious about from where actually Sherlock Holmes learn his deduction? You better read this first before reading all the Holmes stuff.

Our local thriller/detective books by @carmantyo

Handsome dude with his Sherlock Holmes's T-Shirt presented by Visimedia

Mrs. Dina Begum (our lovely Sherlock Holmes's translator) and her handsome boy

Miss Julie Medikawati and her Arsene Lupin's novel

Mr. Justice Raffles, legendary thief from Great Britain. Indonesian edition

A father or a detective? Both! Indonesian edition, stories about Father Brown and his journey around Great Britain to solve some weird and extraordinary cases

Indonesian Edition: Les Miserables Vol. 2. Still about Jean Valjean, who continue to save Cosette from Thernandier family that treat her badly.

The First Case solved by Sherlock Holmes, and surely the first story that capture the legendary moment when Dr. Watson met Sherlock Holmes for the first time.