weirdest craving for halo halo right now and i've literally only had this shit once in my life.

GUINATAN (guinatang halo-halo, guinatang bilu-bilo) It has coconut milk and sweet potatoes. Don't know if I can find taro, purple yam, and small tapioca, but I might try this if I want to make a dessert for a lot of people.

info-resep-bubur-ketan-hitam, this is a good recipe

Recipe - Bubur ketan hitam - Black rice pudding It looks awful but I had a bowl of this at the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin last night and it was really good.

Travel Asian Chinese food Chinese Dessert, Red Bean Soup With Rice Ball I like to eat for breakfast

Chinese Dessert, Red BeanArielle Gabriel's new book is about miracles and her everyday life suffering financial ruin in Hong Kong The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, uniquely combines mysticism and realism *