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Odelia Buntario

Odelia Buntario
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I would say I enjoyed the pilot episode, I'm looking forward to this becoming my new favorite show of the fall!

Jane the Virgin ) A young, devout woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated. With Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni.

Cool and Creative Kitchen Tools.

Kitchen Tool, Kitchen accessories, Indoor or outdoor gadget. 10 Great toolsCool and Creative Kitchen Tools. Except the pineapple slicer, i have one of those and love it!

The best of luxury closet design in a selection curated by Boca do Lobo to inspire interior designers looking to finish their projects. Discover unique walk-in closet setups by the best furniture makers out there

Paradise in Karimun Jawa. KJ is an archipelago of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, northwest of Jepara. The islands’ name means ‘a stone’s throw from Java’ in Javanese.

Who hasn’t fantasized about jetting off to some island paradise? I’ve thought about it ever since I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach. (Though I would avoid that island in particular. or, I’d just try and overthrow Tilda Swinton as the crazy beach

Residence Villa Noi -- Love the idea of building around the trees and not cutting them down!

Residence Villa Noi by Duangrit Bunnag Architect is situated in the Phang Nga bay of Thailand and is designed to accommodate the pine trees of the surrounding forest in its interior.