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an airplane is being worked on in a hangar with workers around it and people standing near the plane
Workers prepare to tow Space Shuttle orbiter Atlantis from the OPF to the VAB. The move will allow work to be performed in the OPF that can only be accomplished while the bay is empty. Atlantis will remain in the VAB for about 10 days, then return to the OPF as work resumes to prepare it for launch in Sept 2004 on the first return-to-flight mission, STS-114. 12/05/2003. Credit: NASA
the space shuttle is sitting on top of the building and ready to take off from it's launch pad
J.J. on X
the space shuttle is being prepared for launch
En images : Ariane 5 a rendez-vous avec l'espace ce soir !
the saturn rocket is being prepared for launch
Artemis I Space Launch System Core Stage Lift and Mate - NASA
All about Blue Origin’s New Shepard and news
When you realize that the whole Universe is energy, you will understand it is a living Existence.
The Universe of which our solar system is a very small part has constant creation and constant rejuvenation. The Big Bang creation of new solar systems and the black hole deaths of shrinking stars that grew too big to survive, continue constantly. Scientists now believe that each time there is a big bang in one part of the Universe, there is a corresponding black hole elsewhere. One without the other is not possible. - Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam