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a vase with flowers on top of a table next to some cards and pens in front of it
Still Life Art: Through the Eyes of a Child
Still life provocation classroom layout
an ocean play dough party with sea animals and seashells on the plate, and a child's hand reaching for it
Ocean Play Dough Invitation
Hands-on preschool science activity to learn about the ocean habitat
how to make ocean slime for kids
How To Make Ocean Slime
How To Make Ocean Slime
Salt Painted Jellyfish
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Card stock • Salt • Glue • Watercolors
a vase with pink flowers sitting on top of a table
cherry blossoms provocation
two bags filled with different types of sea animals
two people are painting on a table with paint
Mirror, salt & water-colour at The Learning Center, Palo Alto, CA - shared by Paula Evans-Fitch (",)