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Kun Cahyaningrum
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I love the companions of the Prophet Muhammad <3, they were the best at practicing Islam !!

"Give your enemy a thousand changes to become your friend, but do not give your friend a single chance to become your enemy." -Imam Ali (AS)

10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Prophet Muhammad PBUH  Muslim Memo

We can learn many life lessons from Prophet Muhammad. Here, we have put together 10 Ahadith giving us life lessons presented against a backdrop of images.

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Vegetarian Info: The most common things a vegetarian could lack. This is good even for non vegetarians. Some people just don't enjoy meat very much but aren't necessarily vegans:)

6 Nutrients every Vegetarian Needs. Many vegetarians do not eat the proper foods in order to get the nutrients they need. Instead they eat junk food and the occasional veggie. Here are some better food options for vegetarians.