Warong (food stall) in Batavia (Jakarta) 1915

Old postcard from the old Dutch East Indies Jakarta was known as Batavia in that time. But I do love those old pictures!

Rumah Raden Saleh di Batavia tahun 1875-1885 (sekarang Rumah Sakit PGI Cikini) sugih tenan

Raden Saleh is an Indonesian famous painter who represents the classic european painting style, this is the photo of his residence in early century. Such a genious artist. Part of this house is now being used as hospital called Rumah Sakit Cikini.

Auto voor een Europese woning te Bandoeng...

I wonder how long it would take to ride this old antique car from Jakarta to Bandung, nowadays with the new highway it's only 3 hours driving, I guess back then it would be around 8 or 9 hours.

Grand Hotel Preanger, Naripanweg (1930s)

indonesia, JAVA BANDOENG BANDUNG, Grand Hotel Preanger, Naripanweg (1930s) RPPC

28 Dining room of the Hotel des Indes | Bangunan Peninggalan Kolonial Belanda di Jakarta

Dining room of the Hotel des Indes, Harmonie,old Batavia. At least we still can enjoy how was the design interior at this historical hotel

Suasana Semanggi th 1964, mirip kota di Eropa: JLn MH Thamrin Taon 1970an: Wajah Katika Plaza ditahun 1972: Dukuh Atas Th. 1971: Terminal Lapangan Banteng 1971: Terminal Blok M diawal th 1970an: T...

Foto-foto Jakarta Tempo Doeloe Era 1962 – 1982

Suasana Semanggi th mirip kota di Eropa: JLn MH Thamrin Taon…