cahyaning du

cahyaning du

cahyaning du
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Aku malu saat dianggap baik  . . Follow @hijrahcinta_ Follow @hijrahcinta_ . . #hijrahcinta

Aku malu saat dianggap baik . . Follow @hijrahcinta_ Follow @hijrahcinta_ . . #hijrahcinta

Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen · Just a little reminder....NO ONE is perfect! - xx

People need to stop trying to keep up appearances-perfect marriage, perfect family blah blah blah. Everyone knows the truth so just stop. Your poor daughters probably feel so much pressure to keep the facade going they're exhausted.

Love myself, love yourself

appreciate those who still live, love people next to you, tell them u love them even tho it too cringe to say, love myself love yourself BTS WALLPAPER RM

best sellerLinen skirt maxi skirt women skirt 1161 by xiaolizi

Details: * Maxi linen skirt * Some buttons on the front side * Two pockets on each side * The back waist has elastic and can strech * Spring skirt *