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the before and after pictures of a bathtub
Mom shares 7 genius tricks to keep every part of your bathroom spotless
a person sitting on the floor with a toothbrush in their hand and bowl next to them
17 nifty ways cream of tartar can be used to clean the home
a bottle of homemade dustin spray sitting on top of a wooden table
Homemade Dusting Spray - Pins and Procrastination
This Homemade Dusting Spray is a natural, healthy and effective alternative to harsh commercial sprays! Thrifty, easy to make and leaves the house smelling GREAT! ♡ ♡ essential oils with love
a poster with the words, unclutter your home in 7 days in only one hour
Daily Declutter Challenge:40 Bags in 40 Days-Does It Work?
the words trick yourself into cleaning house that work every single time
3 Cleaning Hacks That Will Inspire You To Clean
a person wiping up the dust in their home with a yellow microfiber and text overlay that reads 7 secrets to reduce dust in your home
7 Secrets to Reduce Dust in Your Home
Does it seem like you're always fighting against the dust in your house? Check out these 7 Secrets to Reduce Dust in your Home for some simple tips on how to get rid of dust on your furniture, off walls, and more.
an old newspaper article with instructions on how to use vinegar for soaps and lotion
a recipe for baking with instructions on how to use it
the recipe is written in black and white with an image of a beakle on it
an ad for the soap company with instructions on how to use it and how to use it
Walls, Doors, and Baseboards