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two baby sea otters playing in the water with each other's head on top of an iceberg
FriendsoftheSeaOtter (@friendsseaotter) / X
an animal that is laying down in the water with its head on it's back
Otterly Adorable
a cat scratching post made out of wood and rope with the caption modern cat scratching post
DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post
a cat sitting on top of a wooden shelf in a living room next to a couch
Cats Invited To Climb "The Everest" By Refined Feline
Cats Invited To Climb "The Everest" By Refined Feline. Unable to purchase item. Evidently not being made at this time.
two pictures of a cat scratching itself on the side of a chair next to a mirror
NEW! A-Frame Cat Bed & Scratcher from The Refined Feline LIMITED TIME SAVINGS! • hauspanther
Here'a a great new multi-functional piece from The Refined Feline! It's their new A-Frame Cat Bed & Scratcher. This stylish piece combines attractive features for both you and your cat. The A-Frame serves as a beautiful side table with a comfortable bed below and a durable scratching surface on the outside. They really though out all the details. The…
a cat scratching post with tools on the floor
DIY Cat Scratching Post That Lasts for Years!
Store bought cat scratching posts suck. See how to make your own that will honestly last you years and save you money!
a cat standing on its hind legs and reaching up to the wall
26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier
It's practically wall art.
the cat is playing with the combs on the table and trying to get it out
Mal ehrlich, wer wünscht sich denn keine Klavierfontaine in seinem Garten :) Entzückendes Recycling aus alten Wollpullis via DIY Spiegelrahmen aus einem alten Weinfass Vogelfutterstation via Holländisches Waschbecken :) Diese Katzen-Kratzstation werden Eure Vierbeiner lieben Penny Flooring – Ein Spaß für die ganze Familie So einen Boden hat nicht einmal das teuerste Dubai Hotel …