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Branding Mistakes to Avoid — Spruce Rd.

When it comes to your business, here are a few pitfalls you can easily avoid, in order to make your brand identity as quality as your business is!

The other day I sent a text to a friend and collaborator -- it was one of those "saying no" texts. And I was really anxious about it. She's one of those superwoman entrepreneurs who is just killing it professionally right now, and I felt like I was letting her down. But I just couldn't take on the thing we had discussed, and I had to tell her that. . Her response? "Totally get it. I'm doing the same; saying no to soooo much right now. And that's OK! Thanks for telling me!" Honestly, I should…

How to make an amazing content plan for your new website

How To Start a Successful Clothing Line In 4 Steps From Scratch | - Fashion Design Software - Start a Clothing Line

4 Steps to How to Start a Clothing Line - Starting Your Own Clothing Company, Design Clothing, Getting Clothing Made Manufacturers, Get In Stores Successfully

piscología del #color #pantone

Design Basics: The Psychology of Colour, "Back in Richard Waller “Table of Physiological Colors Both Mixt and Simple” offered a handy table for cross-referencing colors.

Introducción a la psicología de las fuentes #infografia #infographic #design

Graphic Design Crash Course has created an infographic about font psychology for beginners. It does a basic coverage of 'serif', 'sans.

Favorite fonts for print design. GD USA Blog

Top 12 Favorite Fonts for Print Design. GDUSA recently conducted our Anniversary Print Survey. The results will be in print and online shortly but here is a sneak peek at the Top 12 Favorite Fonts for Print Design.