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The Eye of Horus Symbol of Protection, Wisdom and Health. Also an Egyptian Symbol Designed to resemble the eye of a falcon, this symbol is also called the Eye of Ra. Horus, also known as the sun god Ra,

7 months and I will be getting this right in the same place. Eye of Horus tattoo size/design

This is black Horus eye also known as "Eye of Ra" tattoo on neck. Horus eye was a powerful symbol of protection in ancient Egypt. It's believed that Horus eye has healing and protective power.

When you intentionally divert your attention to gratitude and appreciation you’re not only feeling better, You’re literally changing the content of your thoughts, and, in so doing, you create the opportunity to change your reality ❤

What is the soul? Some say it is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body; without the soul, the body is like a light-bulb with no electricity. But it is more than the engine of life, say others; it is what gives life meaning and purpose. Soul is the.