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Another one from the Jealous Curator, the ceramic forest floor art of Vera Moller.

organic, graphic ceramic sculptures by German {Australian based} artist Vera Möller. Wouldn’t it be amazing, and quite frankly kinda magical, to find a few of these little things “growing” on the forest floor

Ceramic cups by taobao

Ceramic cups by taobao - I love these! The beauty of them, the simplicity, the dual textures in your hand, the illusion of movement the drops create, the gentle earth tone colors. Of course they are by a Japanese artist. What is this glaze?

Custom, Made To Order, Axe Be cool with CO or TX flag painted on it.

Custom Made To Order Axe, Nice but it might not be worth the price! Why carry expensive gear when all You really need is a 'Tool' for Survival!

Shoot first, axe questions later. Need this for the zombie apocalypse!

Should we call it the Axe Gun or the Gun Axe? Whatever the outcome, these unique weapons weren't designed for chopping wood, but as a fierce battle machine!

*Anne Fallis Elliott

Anne Fallis Elliott I start a clay class this week. I'm very interested in mixing clay with other organic materials like this piece with the driftwood. Anne Fallis Elliott I start a clay.