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a tattoo with two hearts on it
a drawing of a black and white butterfly
Lace butterfly tattoo - by Dom Holmes, The Family Business Tattoo
a person with a small cross tattoo on their ring finger
Ooh... maybe I could one like this! Never thought of it. Hm. Pisces hieroglyph.
the letter k with two hearts in it's lowercase and uppercase letters
Pisces Designs | TattooFinder.com : Pisces Hearts tattoo design by Melanie Paquin
a woman's foot with the word grace on it and her name written in cursive writing
Second Tattoo...
Grace tattoo .... I really would love this. I love "Grace" b/c it's my daughter's name and I'm thankful for God's Grace .... He loves me in spite of all of my mess-ups.
a cross with vines and flowers on it is shown in black and white, as well as an ink drawing
#cross #tattoo
a star tattoo on the back of a woman's upper arm with writing written in cursive letters
holy smokes this is awesome!