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Specific exercise Improve symptoms, daily fully- body exercise remove root causes
Specific exercise Improve symptoms, daily fully- body exercise remove root causes #TCM #chineseculture #health #exercise #healthylifestyle #heart #stroke #spine #foryou
"Face-Lifting Exercises for a Youthful and Firm Appearance"
"Face-Lifting Exercises for a Youthful and Firm Appearance! 💆‍♀️✨ Discover techniques to enhance your natural beauty and maintain firmness.#gimnaciafacial #korraworkout #bodymassagespa #strechesworkouts, credit-@fer.faceyoga"
Face massage with spoons
lifting face
These facial massage health you to get face like a model
#beauty #fitness #women
Glowing skin
Hooded eyes gone #usa
Exercicios Para Eliminar a Papada
Descubra exercícios simples para eliminar a papada de forma natural! Tonifique os músculos do pescoço e recupere a firmeza da região com nossa rotina de exercícios. Sinta-se confiante e rejuvenescido com resultados visíveis em pouco tempo. 💪✨ #papada #exerciciosfaciais #tonificacaomuscular #bemestar Comente para receber mais dicas
Pescoço Firme e Livre de Papada: Exercícios para uma Aparência Rejuvenescida
Em busca de um pescoço mais firme e definido? Descubra os exercícios simples, porém eficazes, que podem ajudar a diminuir a papada e tonificar a região do pescoço. Nesta publicação, apresentamos uma série de rotinas de exercícios projetadas para fortalecer os músculos do pescoço, promovendo uma aparência mais jovem e definida. Com instruções claras e ilustrações detalhadas, este guia prático é seu aliado na jornada para alcançar um pescoço firme e confiante. Dê um passo em direção a uma aparência rejuvenescida e sinta-se seguro em sua própria pele.
Eye hollows get out of my life!👋
Eye hollows get out of my life!👋 The question I get a lot is about eye hollows. This is a sensitive subject to many women as they feel their appearance changes completely when the hollows are deep, dark and make them look less youthful and energetic💃 In the beginning I did this pose without adding fingers, but I then saw a post and tried adding fingers and I definitely feel my eyes are getting a proper work out this way (if they could sweat they would😜😅) Try it and feel the sensation👀🏋🏼‍♀️ If you are ready to join my 6 Week Lift & Sculpt course to achieve a full natural face, neck and jawline lift you can now enjoy my Autumn- let’s glow together offer on FaceyogaMonna.com or click the link in bio.
This pose....
Yes!! Just me in the car doing my thing. Yes!! A simple pose like this can target so many areas. Yes!! Face yoga can be done anytime and anywhere. Why I say we never accept apologies😘 Are you ready to join in on your own natural beauty journey and learn all the poses you need to achieve a full natural face, neck and jawline lift☺️ Join today on faceyogamonna.com
Massage Technique for the Nostrils / Skincare and Beauty Tip for Anti-Aging & to Reduce Wrinkles
Are you massaging this area? Massaging your entire nostril area is unbelievably overlooked by most people. You have to start paying a lot more attention to it and your fingers are your best tools for this, nothing will get the job done better. Look at how many muscles run & connect through the nostril area and it all gets super tight here affecting all nearby tissues and even the forehead. ▪︎ finger massage first from all possible sides and all the way to your upper lip ▪︎ follow with this simple tape application Taping will act as an acupressure and prolong, intensify your just performed massage and help smooth out top nasolabial fold You can purchase the tape application on my website! Go to my homepage and you'll see the website URL link in my bio.
How to use gua sha for lymphatic detox ?
How to use gua sha for lymphatic detox ?