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a close up of a stuffed animal with orange hair
two cartoon characters are standing in front of an old fashioned machine and holding a book
the muppet is singing into a microphone and wearing a green shirt with an orange mohawk
the muppets are standing next to each other
the muppet is wearing an orange wig and holding his hand up to his face
two sesame street characters dressed in lab coats
two people dressed as characters from the muppet show, one wearing glasses and the other with an orange hair
two cartoon characters sitting in front of a sound board with headphones on and hands up
Some days you're Bunsen, some days you're Beaker. Today I'm Beaker. D:=
a cartoon character sitting on top of a white shoe
the puppet is dressed in a suit and tie with an orange mohawk on his head
the puppet is dressed in a trench coat
the muppets are talking to each other