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caroline kurnia

Bandung, Indonesia
caroline kurnia
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"You can make many plans, but, the Lord's purpose will prevail." - Proverbs FROM: Bible Quotes Part 11 by judith (The best way to make God laugh is to make a plan)

Oh y'all, you've got to surrender to the Lord's will. There is something in my life that I really want to happen but if it's not the Lord's will, I surprise myself by how easy I can let go of it. Lord I would love such-and-such to happen. Not my will but thine be done!

Whenever you do not understand what is happening in your life just close your eyes , take a deep breath, and say "God I know it is your plan, please help me through it." by Alberto Casing (:

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God gives, and God takes it away. The giving and the taking are both a blessing. Pray for God to open our blind eyes to see His disguised blessing .

It's all worth it

"If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting." I pray this is my life right now.

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At first, you are sad at the student having no answers. then you are rooting for the student. then, at the end, you learn the student was Einstein. Einstein was not the best example of a CHristian, so it alsmost numbs the victory.