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a little boy that is standing in front of a shelf filled with potted plants
How to Grow Herbs Indoors
A DIY plant hanger is an excellent way to bring a fresh herbs into your home. Check out this family friend plant hanger that can be added to any room for fresh herbs and beautiful blooms all year long!
an open book with some writing on it
tbh, go study
nubnublovesbunnies: “Biology notes and Psychology notes (: ”
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper
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an open book with writing on it
Medical Ethics study notes - handwriting and design.
an open planner with the words, 15 ways to get and keep your life together
15 Ways to Get and Keep Your Life Together - Gabby In The City
15 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Life Together
the printable worksheet for students to do their assignment
Weekly Assignments Printable — Alex Marie
am known for my passion for planners and agendas, but printables have a special place in my heart. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect printable and when I can't find exactly what I'm looking for I make it!
a calendar is shown on top of a piece of paper
Let's Struggle Together
Let's Struggle Together
there are many different types of pens and pencils in the case on the table
Folding Pocket v8
It was easy to see that this Folding Pocket has beautiful colors, cute inner patterns and great quality but I didn’t know how ingenious this pen case was at first! The Folding Pocket v8 is brilliant! I can use this pocket in many different ways for quick and convenient access to the items in it just by unbuttoning and unfolding the case. It is spacious to store many pens, pencils and other small items too! It can be awesome gift idea not only for students but also for all!
an easy checklist for college students to use in their writing and homework workbook
As an editor of the high school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the high school literary magazine, and a college journalism major, I have clearly always been someone who doesn’t mind writing a research paper or an essay. In fact, I welcomed these assignments when I was still in school. I would pick a 10-page essay over a math test literally any day of the week. I’m a fast writer and I managed to get good grades on my papers even when I admittedly didn’t try very hard.
an info sheet describing the different types of writing and how to use them in this article
10 Tips to Write an Essay and Actually Enjoy It
10 Tips for Writing an Essay
five pencils lined up with floral designs on them, one is green and the other is orange
Botanical Pencils
Botanical Writing Pencils $14
the contents of a purse laid out on a pink surface with pens, pencils and other items
Modern Stationery | Desk Supplies & More | Poketo
Minimalist Pencil Pouch
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of pencils and eraser pens
We are open today from 12. Pop in for some knolling. 23 Arlington Way, EC1R.
a handwritten timetable for students to study time
studystudylife: Photo
Don't Stop At Good, Become Brilliant. : Photo
several pens and pencils are sitting on top of a notebook with a measuring tape
How To Create a Great Study Guide
a piece of paper that has been pinned to a post it note holder with magnets attached
Train hard - study harder
Train hard - study harder
three notebooks with pens on top of them and the text, the best study method
The Best Study Method: For Essay Exams - I will check this out later - they had me at post it's and highlighters
many different colored papers and pens on a bed
Study Techniques
an open notebook sitting on top of a wooden table next to some markers and pens
study motivation
the 50 most creative resume examples
50 Insanely Useful Websites College Students Need To Know - Society19
50 Insanely Useful Websites College Students Need To Know – SOCIETY19
a woman with her hair in the air and text reading online jobs for college students
9 Jobs for College Students
Jobs aren’t so easy to get these days, especially when you have a limited schedule that has to leave plenty of time for classes and homework. One of the best ways to get around that is by finding jobs online. Just a few years ago, working online was mostly a novelty, but it’s becoming more common all the time. Here are some of the more common online jobs and opportunities for college students.
a notebook with the words college not taking tips on it
College Note Taking Tips - Living the Gray Life
College Note Taking Tips // How to organize and categorize notes for efficient studying!
a blue and purple poster with the words, how do you know what to say?
Learn to Google Like a Boss
Learn to Google Like a Boss
an open notebook with writing on it that says, cold work and non - formal themes -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbsptextbooksandtea Resources and Information.
Makes me want to read with fun notes! How can people have nice handwriting it's not fair
the best study tips for college 11 tips for successful studying by loveengine com
The BEST Study Tips for College
The BEST study tips for college. Definitely a must read for any college students. This post presented some study methods I hadn't heard of that I'm excited to try!
the six fundamentals of visual writing for kids and adults to learn how to use them
50+ Awesome Resources to Create Visual Notes, Graphic Recordings & Sketchnotes
On the Creative Market Blog - 50+ Awesome Resources to Create Visual Notes, Graphic Recordings & Sketchnotes
a white paper with writing on it that says how i write outlines / quick notes
cw0630: How I write outlines/take notes, for those of you that were asking :)