English manors and manners. This board has a mix of eras and styles, but I wanted to create a *feeling* rather than being historically or technically accurate…
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the inside of a train car with couches and chairs
Luxury Travel 1890-Style - Kristin Holt
a train car with many chairs and mirrors on the walls, along with other furniture
Interior, Pullman private car
Interior, Pullman private car | by Adirondack Museum
a man in a red coat is standing next to horses and dogs
Gentleman Bobwhite
Gentleman Bobwhite
✦‧•:‧✦‧•:‧✦ Regency Era Men, Regency Man, Regency Dress, Regency Romance, Regency Fashion, Regency Era
Harriet Walter, Mens Victorian Fashion, Victorian Mens Fashion, Victorian Mens Clothing, Tamsin Greig, 19th Century Men, Ella Purnell, Victorian Men, Julian Fellowes
Here's Everything You Need to Know About Belgravia and London's Grandest Neighborhood
an old fashioned black sports car parked in front of a building with ivy covered trees
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a man sitting in a chair reading a book